About the Artist

My name is Erin Haskins, I'm a burlap artist and graphic designer from Statesboro, Georgia.

It has taken a while for me to discover my God given gift, realize it was given to me for a purpose, and learning to use it in ways I never dreamed possible. For the whole picture to finally be coming together and making sense as to why I’m here and what my purpose is has taken quite a while and hasn’t made a whole lot of sense until recently. When I started my business in 2010, I decided to name it Faithful Arts. I named it this because I had always been blessed with the gift of being artistic, but after losing my sight completely for three days after a life saving surgery eleven years ago, God restored not all, but part of my eyesight. So since then, I have always felt like God didn’t have to restore my eyesight, but he restored the part of my sight that He did because He had great plans for me and my gift, and the least I could do is be faithful and praise His name through my artwork. So for all of those wondering what their calling is… who knows what gifts God has in store for you, you just have to be open to receiving them and answering the call... even if it isn't what you planned on doing!

The Idea

The idea behind painting burlap door hangers came from a dear friend of mine back in 2014. She was planning a fundraiser and silent auction for an amazing family and asked if I could paint what she showed me a picture of. I told her I had never painted on burlap, but I'd give it a shot! I had a great time painting it, and the family loved it so much, they took it home and it was never auctioned off!

Style & Quality

We pride ourselves on unique style, custom designs, and outstanding quality. Our door hangers are made from 100% jute burlap, are hand painted, and are sealed to be weather and fade resistant so your door hangers stay vibrant for many years to come.

Styles are chosen by both myself and customers, so just because I don't have an item listed, doesn't mean I can't come up with an original design just for you! Feel free to ask if you have a question about what can be painted.

100% Handmade

From concept to creation, our door hangers are labors of love.

All of our door hangers are made to order, and are designed and customized for each person who places an order.

Having that said, these are not made on a production line and take time, so please be patient.